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RAF Medical Sponsorships: everything in 1 article

Is it possible to get an RAF Medical Sponsorship?

Yes, sponsorship is available for the final three years of study in a UK based Medical School. We also consider applicants undertaking a 4-year post-graduate or mandatory intercalation course.

When do I need to submit my application?

Applications must be submitted to an Armed Forces Careers Office (AFCO) or online by 31 October the year prior to the academic year in which you hope to be sponsored. Medical Officer Sponsorship is available from year 3 of Medical School for a 5-year programme. Successful applicants will be awarded sponsorship from the start of the following September term.

What qualifications do I need to apply for Medical Sponsorship?

To apply for Medical Sponsorship you need to:

  • Be aged between 21 and 43

  • Have been accepted for study at a UK Medical School

  • Be a UK, UK/Dual Nationality or Republic of Ireland citizen

  • Have resided in the UK for a minimum of 3 but ideally the 5 years immediately preceding your application and have spent no more than 28 days per year outside the UK within those five years.

Do Doctors need to be physically fit?

  • Yes, every person in the RAF is required to maintain a level of fitness in order to do their role well. As a doctor you might be required to be deployed to help set up the initial Medical Treatment Facility in an austere environment and carry equipment.

  • Fitness is a key part of RAF life – with all the clubs and sports you can get involved with on a wide variety of levels, from occasional fun to Olympic competition.

How long is the application process for a Medical Sponsorship?

We aim to have all applications successfully completed within six months. Medical Sponsorship applications must be submitted from Jun and no later than 31 Oct prior to the academic year in which you hope to be sponsored. A Medical Sponsorship Scrutiny Board is held Apr of each year.

How long would my basic RAF training be whilst on a Medical Sponsorship?

On completion of your Foundation Training, you would take a year out of clinical training to undertake the 12-week Specialist Officer Initial Training Course held at RAFC Cranwell and other RAF courses such as the RAF Medical Services Phase 2 training and Military Aviation Medical Examiners course.

Where will I be based?

We have bases all over the UK and abroad. Where you will be exactly is dependent on your role and what each base currently requires.

What qualifications will Medical Sponsorship recruits gain and are they recognised by civilian employers?

All specialist qualifications you gain during your time in the RAF are recognised by civilian institutions.

RAF Medical Officer Careers: Tell me more?

To give their best, our personnel need the finest medical professional care. As a medical professional you will be challenged. But your training will ensure that you are ready for whatever situation you face. Depending on speciality, you could be working in a medical centre on a RAF base or honing your surgery skills in an NHS hospital.

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