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The Future for Scrubbed Up

Prospective Students

Scrubbed Up Acceleration                                    Programme

The aim is to provide a set-curriculum for prospective medical students in YR12/13
who are interested in applying to medical school in the UK. We aim to liase with
schools, to identify pupils who would be interested in medicine, but also have clinical aptitude towards science. The sessions should hold between 10-30 students. Also,with the focus on working with schools from a Widening Participation background; want to help createan access program address the  health inequalities seen in the Marmot Review.

SUCCEED Refugee Mentorship Programme

A Pilot Programme to help students of a refugee and asylum seeker
background get into medicine
Mission statement: To empower and inspire students from a refugee or
asylum seeker background to become the best possible versions of
themselves and beyond

International Schools Outreach Programme

We have a specially designed webinar delivered by the Scrubbed-Up Team with the aim of providing a step-by-step guide to the application process to medical school and further insight to life at medical school. This unique talk is based upon the  experiences and expertise of students who have been through the process and are current medical students/ doctors in the UK. With a lot of organisations, the support
stops there. But here at Scrubbed Up, we intend to support you beyond the webinar.
This is through our free personalised personal statement checker, mock interviewpractice and support provided throughout your medical school.

Our Current Students

Discounted Stethoscopes for Widening Participation Students
Manchester Direct Entry Support Scheme
Scrubbed Up Annual Fundraiser
Scrubbed Annual Fundraiser

To provide significantly discounted stethoscopes to incoming and pre-clinical Widening Participation students. We will focus our effort on medical schools in the North- West in piloting the initiative.

Support scheme for direct entry students starting their clinical years, from St Andrews and Malaysia. Run by direct entry students whom want to provide advice they wished they had themselves  

Scrubbed Up are attempting an unique campaign called ‘The 24-Hour Runathon’. 🏃‍♂️ The inspiration for the campaign actually came from the Netflix show, Never Have I Ever. Essentially, the campaign is a mass-relay, the more the merrier, with the only rule being at least one person has to be running for the campaign during the 24 hour period ⏰ . All proceeds go towards Scrubbed Up!

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