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Our Story

Scrubbed Up began in May 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, as a website to help
prospective medical students get into medical school. We began to see the power of the
collective and grew to become a non-profit organisation that now represents and has
impacted 1000s of prospective and current medical students here in the UK. The
organisation stands to support ‘students getting into medical students and further through
it’. Founded by two University of Manchester medical students, Hithin Noble and Maria
Chowdhury, the organisation has received national recognition, whilst maintaining the
foundations of relatability and familiarity, being a platform built for medics to impact


  • To help prospective medical students with their application to medical school

and provide personalised/ representative advice on the realities of studying at
medical school. This with a huge emphasis on widening access to medicine.

  • To help current medical students through the often daunting and challenging

world that is medical school.

Our Core Values

1. Integrity: Scrubbed Up was founded on the humble principles on wanting to
encourage those from within the medical community to support one another. We, as
medical students, empathise most with the experiences of prospective/current
medical students and doctors are going through, and henceforth are in the best
position to provide advice and foster an environment based upon the principles of
compassion and humility.

2. Collaboration: Scrubbed Up is built upon the power of the collective, by
being able to represent opinions and experiences from a wide plethora of medical
students allows to advocate for change on a much larger scale. This further extends
to our work with our academic and organisational partners.

3. Creativity: We are a group of innovate thinkers, using our core values to identify
problems/ challenges faced within the medical community, and how Scrubbed Up
can focus in providing sustainable and pragmatic solutions.

4. Inclusivity: Scrubbed Up believes strongly in the principle of the doctors of
tomorrow should be representative of the patient population, they are trained to
treat. This principle is echoed in our projects and throughout the emphasis of
widening participation within the platform.

5. Impactful: Scrubbed up is an organisation that strives to get the job done right! If
there is a problem, we would want to fix it. From peer-lead teaching, widening
participation outreach to our work with our charity partners, Scrubbed Up’s sphere
of influence is vast and rapidly growing.

Our Mission

Our objective is to foster diversity within the field of medicine, expand career
aspirations, and support professional advancement through educational initiatives,
empowerment through social engagement, and the provision of valuable resources.

Our Vision

To become a representative platform that empowers individuals within the medical
community to collectively drive positive change for the medical students and doctors of t
oday, in the UK.

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