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The Ultimate Scrubbed Up Guide to UK Medical Schools 

We've done all the hard work for you and summarised all the A100 medicine (5-year) entry-requirements for UK Medical Schools!

  • Doesn’t include the foundation year MBBS (6- years) and post-graduate (4-years) entry.

  • This table includes data collated from universities in 2021. This can always change, and henceforth this is just a guide. For instance, UCAT cut-off scores are dependent on the scores of all UCAT entrants nationally, as well as all the applicants to the specific medical school.

  • Many universities use a combination of UCAT/ BMAT scores+ academic requirements and have specific ranking systems in place. Visit the medical school’s website to best understand this!

  • If you have any further questions- don’t hesitate to contact the Scrubbed team on the forum or send as an email:


Note: If you have trouble viewing the extra comments, enter the university name in the table search bar and it should appear.

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