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Unite the Uniforms

Fellow medical student Maria Chowdhury and Hithin Noble (Scrubbed Up Co-founders) ran
a national charity campaign called Unite the Uniforms, where we asked students, parents,
teachers, and the public to wear the colours of the emergency services (red, blue, green, or
orange) and donating £1 towards building the UK’s first ‘Emergency Services Cenotaph’
which is supported by His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge. This was conducted on
Friday 3 rd December 2021, and schools, colleges, and universities in every region of the UK
took part in this unique non-uniform day. We wanted to create a fitting tribute that both
commemorates our country’s frontline workers and inspires the next generation of
lifesavers. By standing in solidarity on this day, we are showing our support to those who
dedicated their lives to protect us. It was really humbling to see the overwhelming support
we had received from all corners of the country. It was further a huge honour to speak
about our work on Sky News, BBC Radio Manchester, and multiple local media outlets
nationally. We raised over £150k for what is a fantastic cause.


Campaign Website:

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