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Personal Statement Checker 


Our personal statement checker is completely free!

By medical students

Your personal statements are checked by medical students who are experienced and know exactly what a successful personal statement should look like 



We ensure complete



Your personal statement will only be seen by our personal statement team


Receive feedback within


2 weeks 

Have your personal statement dissected and annotated with comments and overall feedback, all within 2 weeks 


Get in touch

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us via our social media pages, forum or email

How to get your personal statement checked: 

We offer a FREE personal statement checker run by medical students from some of the UK’s top medical schools.

Our checkers are extremely well-qualified and experienced, and understand what a successful personal statement should look like.

By signing up with us, have your personal statement dissected and annotated with comments, and then receive overall feedback, all within 2 weeks. 

We ensure complete privacy and confidentiality. 

Lastly, we are all very approachable and friendly individuals , so don’t hesitate to get in touch via the forum, our social media pages or email


Upload your personal statement to Google Docs. 

Remember to make it public!


Fill out the Scrubbed-Up form, and make sure you include the URL of your Personal Statement on Google Docs. 

(Please don't edit the Google Doc until you receive an email from us with your feedback).


If there is anything specific you would like from the checker service- state this on the form.


Immediately receive an email confirmation from Scrubbed-Up and leave the rest to us.

Receive an email within a fortnight with:

  • Your Personal Statement annotated with comments

  • Overall Feedback


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Want more help?

Unfortunately, we can only check your personal statement once but if you would like more help and guidance, check these articles out:


The feedback you receive should be taken as GUIDANCE ONLY. It by no means guarantees you success in securing an interview offer. Your personal statement only forms part of your application 

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