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Diversity and Inclusion in the RAF

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

By Daye Bajela

Have you ever wondered whether the RAF is somewhere you could feel you belong? Look no further! This article is here to explain how the RAF are working hard to be a welcoming, inclusive force.

The UK is proudly a multicultural, diverse nation, and the RAF shares this pride. The RAF represents the UK all over the world in all kinds of contexts, so naturally their goal is that they should reflect our society in terms of its diversity, values and culture, and to make sure that all of its personnel feel included, valued and able to thrive - not just survive!

The RAF has 3 goals as a part of its strategy for diversity and inclusion:

• "To be an inclusive employer where all staff can fulfil their potential and feel confident that their unique perspectives and talents will be valued"

• "To be an organisation that, at all levels, appropriately represents UK society"

• "To be recognised as a force for inclusion in wider society"