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Location vs Course

By Alana McDonell

University, the perfect opportunity for new beginnings; learning new material, making new friends and very often discovering a new city. The latter of these is extremely important and although it may not be at the top of everyone’s priority list, the city in which you study medicine will undoubtably have an impact on your time at university. As someone who grew up in a small town, I understand that the thought of moving to a big city can be overwhelming and daunting. However with a new city comes new discoveries, from finding a new favourite restaurant to go to with your friends, to unveiling the perfect spot to study in one of the city’s libraries. The city in which you choose to study is extremely important for the times you spend learning about the intricacies of the human body but also for those equally important times when you need a break, and you uncover everything the city has to offer.

Before coming to Manchester to study medicine, my knowledge of the city didn’t expand beyond the impressive Trafford centre to the home place of bands like oasis, the 1975 and The Smiths. Despite having visited the city as a child and loving it, it wasn’t until I arrived in the city for my interview that I realised what a brilliant choice I had made in applying to study there. This was hugely attributable to the people of Manchester; from the train ticket collector who wished me luck in my interview to the lady in the street who directed me the whole way to the university, every single person I interacted with in the city of Manchester made me feel welcome, and it was this atmosphere of togetherness that really helped me see that I could envisage myself living there. Now, after 2 years of studying in Manchester, my passion and love for the city is still growing- it truly is an incredible city, offering such a vast range of opportunities for everyone.

In Manchester, you will never find yourself bored, just one trip to the Northern Quarter will confirm this for you, with the incredible sense of fashion that walks the streets of Manchester, it is no secret that Manchester has some of the most unique clothes shops there are to offer. Music is another immense factor that adds to Manchester’s greatness, no matter what your preferred taste in music from Indie to DnB, there is sure to be a gig or club night you will love. The history of Manchester is not only very interesting, but it also shapes the city to be the place it is today, and so the number of museums in Manchester ensures that there are plenty of chances to learn more and appreciate the city in all its glory. With Manchester’s elaborate history, comes amazing buildings and architecture making you feel like you have travelled back in time to the 1800s. John Rylands library is a definite perk of studying in Manchester; with its neo gothic architecture you couldn’t ask for a more fascinating place to study. The list of things to do in Manchester is endless making it such a great place to study, if you are looking for a place to study that is sure to keep you entertained, think Manchester.

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