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COVID 19 – What does it mean for Med Students?

By James Stoker

This is a companion article for the video which you can check out here!

This is purely a list of useful links and sources from the video so may not make sense if you haven’t seen it first.

We’ve chosen not to include academic papers behind paywalls/academic logins in these sources to keep them accessible to everyone. Read up and enjoy!

Resources for prospective students-

Picking which Universities to apply to:

Virtual work experience:

Remember to reflect on this experience!


Catch all the latest UCAT Updates here-

The future of healthcare:

Long term health effects of COVID 19-

(please take care when reading these as many are individual case studies and it’s not clear how indicative they are on a larger scale)

Excellent summary of current treatments and vaccine updates-

Reduced hospital admissions/ increase in undiagnosed cancers-

Mental health support:

Quarantine and lifestyle:

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