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ASK 100 Answers

1. Don’t compare yourself to other people- fairy lights and flowers are just as beautiful: they are just different

2. Have Fun: it’s a whirlwind- the years go by really quickly.

3. Ask people in the years above for recommended resources and advice.

4. Don’t buy a single textbook- until you’ve gotten access to your unis database.

5. The journey may seem long, the destination may be far, the road may even have cobblestones, but all you need is hard work and loads of determination to reach your dream goal.

6. Always say yes to fun stuff with your friends- they make some great memories- you will have time always have time to work later.

7. Learn and work with your peers as it’s the best way to understand challenging topics.

8. Believe in yourself and your capabilities and the rest will follow.

9. It’s hard to put it in a sentence.

10. It’s not as scary as people make it seem – it’s important to work smart, not hard and manage your time.

11. Don’t fall into the trap of comparing yourself to other medical students because everyone is different and even if someone looks like they’ve got it together- they are probably struggling just as much as you are.

12. Get involved in as many societies as you can.

13. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it- starting university and medical school can be difficult and overwhelming and you are not expected to have all the answers.

14. Grab every opportunity with both hands and always remember you deserve to be there.

15. Make sure that, when you graduate, you have more to say about your uni days than how hard you studied or how much you partied.

16. Maintaining good balance between your studies and doing other things that you enjoy is key- everything in moderation.

17. It’s alright not to get into the swing of things straight away, it takes time and effort, but you will.

18. A medical degree is very different to A-levels, you will never 100% of knowledge but good time management is key to covering most bases and passing exams without cramming during the holidays.

19. Always remember the reasons you decided to pursue medicine.

20. You can never know everything.

21. Get plenty of sleep.

22. Don’t be afraid of asking questions and striking up conversations with people, be it your peers or tutors, you never know what relationships will come out of them’.

23. Work hard and play hard- enjoy yourself at medical school- but use this time to not just sit around but do something and go somewhere.

24. You shouldn’t make medical school competitive.

25. When you first start- don’t expect to fit in and settle down into everything right- It’s very different from school, so give yourself time to adjust to the new way of learning and make friends.

26. Even if you think you cannot do it, 100% you can, and you will get through it.

27. It is okay not to be the best, everyone on medicine is an A*student, so doing less well does not mean you are stupid- don’t tie your self-worth to your intelligence.

28. Pay attention to the lecturer, even though they might sound so BORING sometimes, they speak GOLD, which will definitely be useful for exams.

29. You have made into med-school- breathe- you have got this.

30. Make the most of the first year socially- don’t just try to be friends with other medics.

31. Minimum Effort, Maximum Results.

32. Talk to everyone and anyone, make connections and friends- it will really help.

33. Get involved in as much as possible, try something new, you are only at medical school for 5/6 years.

34. Boron and Boulpaep Medical Physiology Textbook- the best textbook ever!

35. Throughout your medical and university journey, always remember that rest is essential for the mind, body and soul.

36. Medicine is part of your life, don’t make it your life.

37. Don’t be afraid to get involved in the uni life, use the opportunities and resources given to you whether that’s for academic or non-academic things.

38. You’ve earned your place at med-school, enjoy it.

39. You’ve got this- even though it may not feel like it at times, you’ve got to keep doing what you are doing without comparing yourself with the people around you.

40. Use active recall method for memorising before exams- deffo recommend Anki.

41. Medical school is a journey; there may be bumps and obstacles along the way, but the best views come after the hardest climb- the destination is well worth it.

42. Get ready for the biggest commitment of your life.

43. Remember to relax and have fun, it’s a marathon and not a sprint.

44. There are always parts of medicine that you will find difficult- that’s totally normal.

45. Don’t compare yourself on your progress with others and focus on building skills.

46. It definitely feels overwhelming at the start but once you get going is one of the most varied and interesting courses you could do.

47. Remember all the things you have overcome when you felt that you couldn’t- there will be times in medical school where you feel like you just can’t through something, but you will always come out the other side.

48. Go into it with an open mind, you are going to have a lot of fun.

49. You attract the kind of energy that you put out, so don’t worry about making friends: the right people will cross your path.

50. If you struggle to pay attention in lectures, then just watch them online at you own pace, but make sure you do them in the same week.

51. The work will be hard but try your best to stay motivated and remember the end goal: and make sure to have fun along the way.

52. Finding an effective way of managing your balance of your social and academic life.

53. Make a small diverse study group to utilise the abilities of those around of you.

54. Comparison is the thief of joy, and so focus on your growth and be proud of your individual medical journey.

55. You are surrounded be people who are just as smart as you, if not smarter. Don’t be overwhelmed by this and work at your own pace.

56. Go out and have fun but stay on top of the work because it’s way too much to take in at the end in one go.

57. Don’t wait to do things till tomorrow.

58. Keep in an open mind to what speciality you want to do- don’t get too stressed out over this, and just explore.

59. Remember you can use a balance between medical textbooks and YouTube videos.

60. Don’t forget that everyone is in the same boat and your fears are also everyone else’s fears.

61. Don’t be afraid to apply to a range of societies and throw yourself in, even if they are out of your comfort zone.

62. Try to enjoy every minute and remember your best will be good enough.

63. Buy some anatomy flash cards- Netters and Gray’s Anatomy.

64. If you are smart enough to get in, you are smart enough to get out.

65. Approach everything as an opportunity to learn and to grow, to ultimately to become a better person, and valuably a better doctor.

66. Whenever you face a challenge, remember when you overcome it, you will even be prouder to say- ‘trust me I’m a doctor’.

67. Learn how to use Anki and do it every day, best thing for remembering information in short and long term.

68. When studying, focus on the core concepts first, and the details can be added later.

69. Don’t buy anything before you come, like books and stuff- you will learn if you need anything later on in the year( flashcards), and save the money for the bevs.

70. Be up to date with lectures and other teachings and always keep sometime of the day to do something you like.

71. It’s really important to invest time in multiple creative revision methods to keep yourself engaged to the content you are studying more.

72. Be friends with the people in the year above- they’ve just walked the path that you’re starting out on, so who better to give you the most effective tips and advice.

73. Stay on top of your work and have fun!

74. Be extremely patient when it comes to starting and feeling confident with the studies, because you will feel lost for the first few months- that’s totally normal though.

75. Don’t underestimate yourself.

76. Just to remember that no matter how hard the journey might be at med- school, to never forget their passion for wanting to pursue medicine in the first place.

77. Make sure to join societies and attend many events to meet new people and keep up with your interests outside of medicine! :)

78. Try to remember that medicine isn't just a degree but a lifelong career, so pace yourself while studying, have interests outside of medicine and support each other.

79. Manage your time well – it so important for your mental health.

80. Don’t get stressed about being confused on how to do PBL, everyone’s in the same boat and it’ll definitely come to you after a few cases!

81. You will always feel behind, no matter how much work you do so be easy on yourself :)).

82. Try not to compare your amount of work to others in your cohort- everyone has their own pace and varying levels of experiences etc.

83. Once you have a fixed timetable- get into the routine of allocating time for different aspects of medicine (like Anatomy and PBL), and, just as importantly, free time to relax.

84. It takes time finding yourself in how you work well, you will feel lost but it’s the most important step on a long journey ahead.

85. You are always going to have ups and downs, so always try and remember why you chose to do med.

86. There is no denying medical school requires a lot of hard work but remember to make time to spend with your friends as they are part of who make it all worth it.

87. Medical school can be really hectic, and so it’s important to build friendships and create a support network with people that not only enhance your time at university but can help if you ever need it.

88. You don’t have to be the smartest person to become a doctor: you just have to be willing to work hard, do your best and be kind to others.

89. Try your best to make a lot of friends and get to know everyone: enjoy the whole experience whilst you can.

90. Keep your head down and hard work pays off, but make sure you know when to enjoy yourself.

91. Be positive always- inevitably there will always be something that won't go quite to plan but don't be hard on yourself, you will always find a way to reach the destination.

92. Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.

93. Medicine can feel competitive at times but minimise comparisons to your peers and do what works for you, at your own pace and on your own terms.


95. Don't be discouraged if you don't learn things as quickly as other people; medicine is complex, and everyone learns things at their own pace - just persevere at it.

96. It’s important to stay on top of your studies in medical school, so hard work is a must but remember to take time out to do the things you love, make new friends and try new things.

97. Take time at the start of the year to work out whether you like to work by yourself/ in a group, and where you like to work.

98. Learn new skills and enjoy your time, this is just the beginning.

99. Medicine is a long and challenging career but make sure you have fun in medical school along the way cos u won’t have free time like this again.

100. If you are good enough to get in, you are good enough to be there.

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