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Please give me some guidance on the GMC guidance: Domain 2

By Usman Nasir

We are nearly halfway through this GMC series so thanks for joining me yet again. If you haven’t already, have a look at the 2 previous articles in this series and then come back to learn about domain 2 GMC guidance.

So, let’s keep going and break down Domain 2 of the GMC guidance: Safety and Quality

What does the GMC say in domain 2?

Like the first domain, domain 2 is also split into 3 strands. They are all centred around delivering safe and quality care for patients (an ethos which needs to be at the forefront of a healthcare professional’s work). This domain is therefore vital in ensuring that patients not only receive the care they deserve, but the care they should expect.

It can be of comfort that this domain is in place with the sole purpose to protect patients and ensure that all healthcare professionals advocate for this by reflecting upon their work, raising concerns about safety and looking after their own health.

Don’t worry, we will go into more detail for each strand to help you prepare for your interviews…

1. Contribute to and comply with systems to protect patients

After reading this strand, I think it conveys the idea of doctors being open and honest with the healthcare they provide. Doctors need to constantly review and reflect upon their work and the care they provide so they can find ways to improve patient safety and care quality. This can be achieved by listening to feedback from patients, assessing quality care standards in place and identifying any areas that need to be improved.

There is also a strong theme of reporting anything that risks patient safety and assisting in any further inquires into any adverse incidents (e.g. adverse effects of treatments/medical devices). It is a d