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Millionaire Medicine

By Najiullah Wahdati

“Your dreams don’t have an expiration date, take a deep breath and try again” – I often find myself circling back to this quote when I feel overwhelmed, stressed and ready to give up. Although they are just words, they light a spark of motivation within me, pushing me to face my problems and overcome them

I’m Naj, owner of a motivational Instagram page called @Millionaire.Medicine (Your daily dose of Motivation) but also currently a second-year medical student at Newcastle University. Applying for medicine, I wasn’t successful on my first attempt. Nevertheless, like many aspiring medics/medical students, medicine is a field that has fascinated me since a young age, so I was not ready to give up so easy.

The idea of creating a motivational page stemmed primarily from how much quotes helped me. Over the years, from GCSE’s through to A-Levels I had a huge collection of inspirational quotes. For me, they inspired strength and confidence, helping me increase my productivity when working, but also making me think more positively about the situations I found myself in. Wanting to help other in the same way, I created the page, @Millionaire.Medicine which delivers

daily inspiration to its audience of over 100,000 followers.

I rejoice in the fact that I am able to help this many people, and I receive large amounts of feedback from fans who find motivation from the content I upload daily. After being successful in my application for Medicine, I decided to continue uploading more quotes in the hope of inspiring an even greater audience.

Embarking on the journey that is applying to and studying medicine can be challenging at times and very stressful. I’ve found that the best way to be resilient through these times is to maintain a balanced work-life ratio, which means putting in the effort to work, but also realising when you need to take care of yourself through exercise, reading, or even hobbies ,like making inspirational posts. If things are getting too much, always remember “Don’t be afraid to start over, this time you’re not starting from scratch, you’re starting from experience.”

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