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Leeds Medical School

Updated: May 5, 2020

By Linta Bokhari

Without a doubt, wherever you choose to study Medicine, it’ll be a challenge and will require lots of hard work – but this is why Leeds Medical School is the best university to help you through those 5 long years. Not only does Leeds believe in a strong work ethic, but it also focuses on each student’s wellbeing and abilities to ensure that they’re supported throughout the process.

Leeds Medical School has an integrated course, which consists of high quality lectures and tutorials provided by excellent doctors and academic staff. The course takes a systematic approach and focuses on building your learning throughout the years. One of the main selling points of the course is patient contact. Right from first year, medical students are able to go on weekly placements in both a GP and hospital setting. This allows for contact with doctors and other healthcare professionals in a working environment, along with patient interaction in a real setting. The provision of clinical teaching at Leeds is excellent, with tutorials focusing on building history taking and examination skills, along with communication sessions with simulated patients.

As for the place itself, Leeds is a great city and there’s always something to do or explore. You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding where to eat and what stores to shop at. One of the selling points of the city is that everything is within walking distance and is easily accessible by foot. Transport links are fantastic too, with a train station and bus station in the city centre. In my opinion, Leeds is a fantastic medical school which has much to offer and anyone who attends will undoubtedly have the best university experience.

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