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Hull York Medical School

Updated: May 7, 2020

By Anisha Hasnat

Life at Hull York Medical School has been an immersive and exciting journey thus far. Having the benefit of two universities collaborating for the course has added a twist to conventional Medical school, as I have the perks of being able to access resources and lecturers from both the University of Hull and the University of York. It has also provided me with the opportunity to make new friends across both universities.

Being based in Hull for my first year has been lots of fun; there are so many great things the city has to offer, such as the amazing sights of the Humber estuary and one of the UK’s biggest aquariums. Hull has consistently taken the title of UK City of Culture since 2013 with its wealth of arts, music, media and sport.

Hull York Medical School is a comparatively new medical school, only opening its doors to medical students in 2003. The faculty of medicine itself has outstanding facilities with the brand new Allam Medical (opened by The Queen herself) with state-of-the-art lecture theatres and clinical classrooms. As first year medical students, we have the benefit of being allocated to local NHS primary care centres, Hull Royal Infirmary, as well as Castle Hill Hospital, which is a tertiary care centre, so we have a vast array of placements that we attend.

The course is Problem Based Learning, making the learning process interactive and patient centred. At Hull York, there is the added benefit of the PBL being clinician led, ensuring that the content learnt is clinically relevant too.

Engaging with patients on placement and observing cadaveric prosections, as early as the second week of starting medical school. This emphasises the fast-paced nature of the course and the reality of life as a prospective clinician. This is something I love about the medical school, as we are always thrown into the deep end and have to learn how to swim pretty quickly. I have adapted to the demands of the course and developed new revision methods, which have been key to my learning. I have definitely learnt the essence of working smarter than harder.

Studying Medicine has made me grow-both on a personal and professional level. Medicine requires you to be able to communicate effectively with people of all ages and backgrounds. Hull York Medical School has played an integral role in developing my communication skills, through various workshops and lessons, which have allowed us to practice our communication skills with a stimulated patient.

Studying Medicine at Hull York Medical School has only heightened my passion for becoming a junior doctor, and I cannot wait for the opportunities and experiences that lie ahead.

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