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Bristol Medical School

By Chiranth Badrinath

Don’t be fooled by its size, Bristol has everything any other city has to offer! Whether it’s the shopping at Cabot circus, enjoying a late night at the world-renowned nightclub Motion, or the amazing views at the Clifton Suspension Bridge, there is something here for every student. Bristol is known for being a vibrant, yet unique city – here are some interesting facts that set it apart from the other city-universities:

1. Bristol is the world’s biggest manufacturer of hot air balloons The hot air balloon is a classic symbol of Bristol. Cameron Balloons in Bedminster makes the most hot balloons out of anyone in the world. Bristol even has its own festival to celebrate them. 

2. Ribena was invented in Long Ashton Ribena, the popular blackcurrant flavoured soft drink, was invented by a University of Bristol scientist in 1933, at the National Fruit and Cider Institute. It quickly gained popularity, during the war, as an alternative source of vitamin C. 

3. Bristol has its own currency  Bristolians are notorious for wanting to do things our own way, and in 2012, the Bristol Pound was launched. Designed to keep money in the local economy, it’s enjoyed a roaring success in keeping trade local since then. 

4. The chocolate Easter egg was invented in Bristol Along with inventing the first solid chocolate bar in 1847, Bristol chocolate company Fry’s created the first ever chocolate Easter Egg in 1873. 

5. Home of nature documentaries 25% of the world’s nature documentaries are produced in Bristol.