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Hi, I’m a third- year medical student at the University of Manchester. Fortunately I can say that my experiences at medical school so far have been nothing short of incredible. But moving away from my home city of Bradford to Manchester was a big step for me and honestly, I didn’t know what to expect. That’s one of the reasons why we started Scrubbed Up.  We’re focused on giving you honest, personal student accounts about what life at med-school is really like. Whether its vlogs, articles or the forum, there is something for everyone.  We’re also passionate about the charities we work with such as the David Nott Foundation, you can click on Donate to find out more about their remarkable work. If you’d like to get in touch, please don’t hesitate to- we’re only a click away 😊

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Maria Chowdhury


Hey, I’m a third- year medic studying at the University of Manchester. Originally from the rural corners of Lincolnshire- coming to Manchester was definitely a stark change, but I can certainly describe my experiences at medical school as being brilliant. We started, because we wanted to bridge that gap between school and medical school. Our strength comes as a collective- the accounts of the many medical students we have will give you clarity to the application process, and give you the golden nuggets of information that we wish we had known ourselves. We are all very friendly- don’t hesitate to contact us about any questions, or anything you would like to see on the website. Good luck! 

Hithin Noble


There are many, many, many resources on the internet, but here at, we aren't like just any other site. 

  • We are a collective- this is a platform with articles, vlogs and a forum created and run by over 150 medical students, from across the country. Graduates, international students, prospective students- we have something for everyone. 

  • We don't aim to give you the usual, same old advice on how to write a personal statement, or tackle an interview station. Instead, we've collated resources that tell you exactly what you need to know, all in one place, saving you time

  • All our resources are completely free- no ridiculous prices in sight. This includes the Scrubbed-Up Personal Statement and BMAT Checker. 

  • This website is built on the ethos of giving back. If you enjoyed our content, please donate what you can towards our partner charity The David Nott Foundation.

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