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Getting to the heart of Med School.

We do the dissection for you.

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Who are we?

Founded in 2020, Scrubbed Up aims to both support prospective and current medical students from different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds here in the UK. We understand the power of the collective, and want to use our representative platform to spread awareness of pertinent issues and causes that we believe in passionately.  We have a team of over 80 medical students and over 1000 volunteers, who are committed to the work of Scrubbed Up.

Big or small, compassion has been a driving force in what we do at Scrubbed Up  which has translated into the sincere passion and dedication in all our projects and content. Through the power of the collective, we appreciate the true power in harnessing the values of the

diverse range of medical students from different backgrounds, opportunities and experiences, to make a significant difference. 


We believe the NHS, and its future work force should be representative of the population, it is one day going to be treating. Here at Scrubbed Up, we have built a growing community of medical students and doctors to support this, and tackle problems affecting a wide array of topic areas.


What people have to say about us? 

Mr David Nott, Founder of the David Nott Foundation

Scrubbed Up is a fantastic and comprehensive resource available to anyone considering a career in medicine . I'm delighted to give them my wholehearted backing. 

Dr Ray Boyapati, Co Founder of MedEntry

The team at Scrubbed Up are producing some wonderful content for the medical school community. Their passion, values of inclusion and diversity as well as strong social commitment are truly inspiring.

Professor Margaret Kingston, Director of

Undergraduate Studies, University of Manchester

 I am so proud of the excellent work of Scrubbed Up. Hithin Noble and Maria Chowdhury are both passionate and exceptional Manchester medical students, who do some amazing work living out the values of our University! 

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Professor Robina Shah MBE

Scrubbed up is an innovative and unique resource for young people considering a career in medicine and wider health care. Its founders Hithin and Maria have developed resources based upon their own lived experience; to nurture and develop a website that is interactive, grounded and diverse in its content and approach. Their reach is extensive and includes learning through collaboration on both a local and national footprint, as well as promoting charitable causes for the greater good of the NHS and other emergency services personnel. I am delighted to support them as they move forward and continue to help students and doctors navigate the complexity and wonders in the world of medical education

Madeleine St-Amour, Director of Sixth Form, Fortismere School

The Scrubbed Up team led a 1 hour workshop online for our potential medics in year 12 and provided excellent, up to date information for our students about the application process and key tips on how to prepare. Their insights as current medical students was extremely informative and they responded to student questions with depth and detail. The students are finding the Scrubbed Up website an excellent resource as they plan their medical applications. Thank you to the team! 

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