The David Nott Foundation

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What is the David Nott 


How many people are alive today who  wouldn't be because of you?

...I think its in the hundreds of thousands"

The David Nott Foundation was set up in 2015 to deliver surgical training for medical professionals operating in areas of humanitarian crises worldwide.

Why is the work of the foundation so important?

"In a war zone, you are the only person...and that's what I try to train surgeons to deal with"

 The foundation teaches surgical skills across many specialities such as obstetrics, orthopaedics, plastics, paediatrics and vascular surgery and how to apply them in war zones 

Where does the David Nott Foundation make a difference?

" Sarajevo, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Chad, Darfur, Liberia, Haiti, Nepal, Syria, and Libya"

The DNF has trained over 803 doctors, working in 37 countries and benefiting over 2 million patients.

How do your donations make a difference?

The Foundation uses state of the art technology and equipment to train their surgeons. By donating whatever you can, you are helping the foundation to conduct this training and impact on patient care globally.


No donation is too small

 By donating £5, the cost of a cup of coffee, you  are investing in the sustainable future  of humanitarian medicine.

To truly understand the importance of the work of the David Nott Foundation, Scrubbed Up recommends reading the bestselling book 'War Doctor'

Training war doctors; saving lives 

Now, more than ever, lets appreciate our healthcare systems and thank the incredible workers on the front line for their dedication and bravery

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To find out more about the David Nott Foundation please visit the website: